Realization of exhibition stands Custom furniture

Exhibition stands

Our company deal with the advertising works, especialy in the rank of internatinal fairs. According to your ideas we can designe the best solution fot the presentation of your company. We process your order „turn-key“ from graphic visualization till the realization on site including the additional services. As we have own joiner´s workshop, we are able to offer you any atypical components for your stands at the fairs in the Czech republic and abroad.

Our offer:

  • Design, visualizations of the stand
  • Communication with the organization of the fair (approving process, technical supplies)
  • Realization of the stand including all equipments
  • Graphic works, printing materials
  • advertising
  • audiovisual equipment

Made-to-measure furniture

Our priority in this rank it is the full satisfaction of our client. With a good practice we can offer you the production of kitchen furniture, wardrobes, vestibule furniture and office furniture.

We offer complete process.

Our offer:

  • measure of the furniture on site
  • preparation of design and approval process with the client
  • realization
  • delivery and assembling

Laminated and wooden floors

The floor is a very important part of your house. Actually the laminated and wooden floors are very popular. Quick and easy assembling is a big advantage of this new technology. However easy, the asembling requires determinated experiences.

Wrong process can cause the joint distance and the floor is leasing with damaging the wood or laminated material. Very important is the right distance between the floor and wall too.

Just this special requierements demands expert assembling and profesional attitude which we are glad to offer you.

Wooden floating floors:

Wooden floating floor is a modern alternative for the clasic parket floor.

Wooden floating floor is made from many differencial wooden plants with a big scale of surfaces. Estetic advantage of using the wooden floor is in the natural atmosphere wich made this material in the interior.

Laminated floating floor:

Laminated floor is the cheaper variant of the natuaral material. The easy maintenance is one of big advantages of this solution. Recently new technologies very accurately imitates a natural wood material. But the laminated floating floor is more cold and noisy than wooden floating floor.

Delivery and assembling of interior doors

Our deal is a functional door and doorframe, but the full price and design satisfaction of the client too. . A big scale of the delievered doors may comply with all your ideas about the ideal living.